Additionally the guideline which are laws about protection of personal information and guidelines about personal information protection, etc. about handling of the personal information we acquired obeys a related decree about personal information protection for us.

1. Safety control of personal information

We're systematic and human physically about protection of personal information, and take a measure appropriately technically, and it's necessary for safety control of personal information of prevention of a leak, loss or damage of the personal information we treat and other things and, we assume that I have an appropriate crackdown.

2. The obeying matter by which personal information is acquisition

The following matter is obeyed about the merit of the personal information, use and an offer by us.

1 ) the merit of the personal information

We acquire personal information which affects the user or a carrying host from the general user of this site (It's called "the user" in the following.) or the person who places an ad in this site (It's called "the carrying center" in the following.) at the reach necessary to operation of a dissemination of information site (It's called "this site" in the following.) by the internet we manage.

2) the use purpose of personal information

We don't use it beyond the reach necessary to achievement of the use purpose of setting as below except for the case or the case when we got one's own consent set as a decree about the personal information we acquired.
* Operation, maintenance and management of this site
* Offer of service and introduction through this site
* Questionnaire for quality improvement of this site

3 ) offers of personal information

We don't offer the personal information acquired based on one's own agreement to a third person without one's own preliminary agreement except for the case set by decree. Further you eliminate elucidation of personal information, correction and additional young SHIKU by one's own demand or do this with a decree about notice of the use purpose as well as oppose, and I deal appropriately about consultation.

3. Change in the use purpose of personal information

We don't change the use purpose specified by the preceding clause to other ones except for the case when we got one's own consent beforehand as a principle. But, after publishing the use purpose after change beforehand in a use destination before change and the area admitted to possess the considerable relation rationally, when changing it it isn't this limit.

4. Third person offer of personal information

When we entrust all of handling or the part of personal information to a third person, the, qualified, need to the person entrusted and appropriate supervision will be performed so that safety control of the personal information which examined it and entrusted the handling sufficiently may be planned for.

5. Improvement of handling and reconsideration of personal information

We put the check personal information treats and with which is concerned in a control system and a match into effect, and improve and reconsider continually.

6. Disposal of personal information

When the necessity referred to the use purpose of personal information, and was lost, we assume that personal information is erased or repealed, and we do erasure concerned and disposal in the limit by which business needs the execution top by need and an appropriate way to prevent the danger by which it's for the outside washing away.

7. Desk of the complaint and the consultation

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